Montescudaio is a small medieval village located in the middle of Tuscany, 240 meters above the sea level, few kilometers away from the coast. By the ancient castle's wall, stronghold owned by Della Gherlandesca, you can enjoy a wonderful landscape ranging from the Val di Cecina to Tyrrhenian Sea and to Capraia, Gorgonia and Elba islands. Residence Hotel Le Fontanelle is right here, just 50 meters from the center, close enough to the village comforts (bars, restaurants, pharmacy, etc.), but far enough to enjoy the tranquility and the wonderful hills and sea view that the rooftop terrace can offer you.


If in 1850 we decided to walk from Montescudaio to the coast, we would have noticed a three floor colonial house right outside the village and, if we were curious enough to get closer, we would have apreciate the humble home of the owner or the farmer himself, looking wearily outside the window holding his kid or hugging his wife and we would have definitely recognized the cows manger and all the pigs downstairs . That was what probably what Mr.Paolo Chiavistelli saw a century and a half later, but the place wasn't any more as lively as it was before, whereas it looked like an abandoned environment. O the other hand time and the solitude coudn't change that unique location. So the building got bought and Mr Chiavistelli decided to convert it into an hotel and restructuring works got started. He had to face and work out some problems: the ground was impregned by humidity, was extremely steep and there were really too many mosquitoes. That's why he proceeded with the construction of one scannafosso that effectively isolate the apartments from excess of humidity, he solidified the ground with reinforced concrete and mosquitoes were staved off with Catambra, a special plant rich of Catalpolo a natural repellent for mosquitoes. Now the Residence Le Fontanelle amis for a constant increase of customers satisfaction, and continuous improvement conjugate to convenient prices. The ancient origins coexist with technology, with free wifi, air conditioning etc. All the rooms and apartments are comfortable, with satellite TV and with hundreds luxurious hotel conforts like sommiers, new mattress, coffee machine with Nespresso coffee waffles and tea, new showers, wine shop ecc. In the next future the structure aims to further improve the quality of the services, offering breakfast, selling regional oil and increasing appartment's number.





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le fontanelle


Via delle Fontanelle n°1
Montescudaio 56040, Pisa


Phone:  0586 - 661761
347 - 6276226

le fontanelle