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Restaurant Fiore

Our restaurant is one of the historical places of Cecina, located a few kilometers away from the sea and immersed in the Tuscan countryside. Located on Strada Statale 68, the old Via Emilia, the local shows a large air-conditioned veranda, suitable for banquets and ceremonies, and an external room used mainly during the summer. The local has one hundred and forty places in summer and one hundred and twenty in winter. The kitchen is typically Tuscan and is appreciated by local people but even from which customers who taste for the first time its savors the quality. Our restaurant offers Mediterranean dishes, meat and fish cooked on the grill but even a good pizza hand esplanade and cooked in a wood oven. You can also enjoy "la fiorentina" grilled with vegetables or "fagioli al fiasco", a kind of beans preparation. Excellent desserts are made with care and love. The service is simple but careful to satisfy its customers. The local opened for the first time in 1950 as a general store, transformed in subsequent years in bar, tobacco shop, pizzeria and Restaurant at the end. The catering service was born thanks to the passion of the founder Fontanelli Florindo, born in 1892, who had served as a cook in the officers' mess during Great War.
Info and reservations: 0586/661692 or 347/6276226

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Via delle Fontanelle n°1
Montescudaio 56040, Pisa


Phone:  0586 - 661761
347 - 6276226

le fontanelle